The Future of Work with Lauren Currie

There’s no doubt that the workforce is dramatically different today than it was before the pandemic. Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring some of the changes and what we think it might mean for organizations and employers. This week, we’re exploring how the pandemic shifted opportunities and priorities for one non-profit worker. Lauren Currie was a program director in a non-profit before and during the pandemic. This year, she’s left her full-time job to travel full-time. How did the pandemic affect her decision and what can leaders learn from her experience?

Pieta Blakely

About Pieta Blakely

I help mission-based organizations measure their impact so that they can do what they do well. I started my nonprofit career as a teacher in workforce development and adult basic education. It was important work and I was worried that we didn’t really know if we were doing it well. In the process of trying to answer that question, I got a Masters in Education and a PhD in Social Policy, and became an evaluator.

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