Fostering Leaders – Changing a Community

What if there were a leadership program that transformed leaders and the community? What would that look like? Join us as we hear about the Community Leadership Program in New Haven, Connecticut and how they are fostering a community of leaders changing the landscape.

Implementing with The 4 Disciplines of Execution

Today, we’re going to discuss and learn the importance of creating strategic plans and moving them into action using a specific framework to ensure that those plans don’t gather dust.

Fundraising Board: A leader’s journey to transforming her board

Are you struggling with board engagement or getting your board members to fundraise? You are not alone. Join us as we hear one leader’s journey to transforming her board.

Structural Solutions to Sustaining Your Workforce

One year ago, Laura Perille came on the show. She talked to us about struggling to maintain staffing for her early childhood education centers. Her approach was bold, a little risky, and took a structural approach. This week, she’s back with an update.

Year 3 of COVID Times

The Power of Targets

Goals? Benchmarks? Outcomes? All so confusing … What do all these words mean? Well, today we discuss why the one word you need to know is TARGET! Join us as we discuss how powerful targets can be in achieving your best!

Innovative Workforce Solutions: Part One

The great resignation has provided us an opportunity to shed some light on what others are already doing when it comes to workforce. Join us as we continue the conversation on innovative workplace solutions.

What makes a board great?

Over the past few weeks, we have talked to leaders about how to build great boards of directors. Today, we’ll debrief what have we learned so far about building and nurturing great boards. We’ll be talking about: — How your board balances mission and fundraising — How you know you have the right people on the board — How to make sure your board is your best ally.

Boards and Strategic Planning – Their role, Their impact

If you watch our shows back to back, you saw a replay with Anne Yurasek of Fio Partners last week. And guess what she was talking about, Strategic Planning. Well, as you know, we’re doing a board series and instrumental to boards, our strategic plans or the planning process for the future of an organization. And who else do we bring on then Anne Yurasek, she’s back. So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back for the next 30 minutes and let’s hear why board members are important to the strategic planning process.

Nonprofit Boards are Transforming: Is Yours?

Nonprofits are changing and adapting all the time, but is your Board changing? Join us as we hear from Sharon Danosky of Danosky Associates what Boards need to do to transform.

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