Graduation keynote for YMCA Training Inc

I was asked to deliver a keynote address at the graduation of YMCA Training Inc’s 132nd cycle. The YMCA Training, Inc. program is an intensive 20-week, full-time computerized office skills training and employment program. Designed to replicate the expectations of a professional office environment, the training prepares participants with both the technical and job readiness skills to succeed. Here is what I said to the graduates.

How to work with consultants

Engaging with a consultant is a complicated and sometimes expensive process. So, how do you make sure that your engagement is successful? That your organization really get good value? And, that everybody leaves with a good experience and a great product? Today, we’re going to talk about how to work successfully with your consultants.

Year 2 of the Pandemic: Reflections of Leaders from Mission-based Organizations

Join us as we review the findings of a study with leaders reflecting on what the last two years have been like, how their leadership has changed, and what they think the future of work looks like.

Rounding Out Equity in Organizations – Leadership, Evaluation, Funding

Today’s Coffee Time with Masterminds episode, “Rounding Out Equity in Organizations” is the final episode in our Equity Series. Today, we discuss out of box solutions for overcoming barriers to creating equity in Leadership, Evaluation, and Funding. Transcript: Rebecca Tuttle 0:03 Today’s Coffee Time with Masterminds, is closing out or rounding out our series on…

Learning from Funder Feedback

Organizations can learn a lot from funder feedback. On today’s Coffee Time with Mastermind’s episode, we discuss how to make the most of your fundraising experience by incorporating donor feedback in your organization’s development goals.

2 Things That Need To Be In Place Before You Can Build An Evaluation System

This post first appeared on the Greater Boston Evaluation Network site in 2018 A full evaluation program requires data systems and analytic capacity. Many organizations or programs feel like they’re not prepared to start building their internal evaluation capacity until they have developed logic models and databases. But there are only two elements that need…

Data & Making Better Decisions

Is your organization collecting more information than it can use? Do your staff have the tools to take data and make good decisions? Cynthia and Pieta are talking about how to make the most of the information we have.

Being a learning organization

What has your organization learned as it’s navigated the Covid pandemic? And how can you apply the best of your learning going forward? Today we’re talking about being a learning organization. What does it mean? How do we put it into practice? Why is it important – especially in times of uncertainty. Pieta Blakely 0:02What…

What can go wrong? Racial equity, dataviz, & deficit thinking

In 2019, Pieta published a blog post on data visualization that was consistent with targeted universalism. Jonathan Schwabish and Alice Feng at Urban Institute picked up on that post and cited it in their own “Do No Harm” guide. Eli found that work and was interested in applying it to his own design practice, developing…

Building feedback loops, one metric at a time

One of the tools that I use to manage my clients’ evaluations is Social Suite. It’s a powerful online tool that makes it possible to manage complicated evaluations and turn around analysis fast. I had the opportunity to have a conversation with the team at Social Suite and talk about some of the elements that…