Sustaining your workforce with Laura Perille

So many organizations that offer vital services are low on staff and high on stress. What can we do to support our workers and maintain our programs? What are the long-term solutions? Laura Perille is a leader in the child care industry, one of the fields that’s been hit hard by both the need to…

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How to get ahead in hiring with Nancy Varsos

One of the things the pandemic has done is isolate us. How can we reengage our team to be an effective team again? In this episode, we talked with Nancy Varsos of Varsos Consulting on how to manage and build teams in the new workplace. We talked about strategies for maintaining engagement with your current…

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Anniversary show with Intentionally Act

intentionally act image

Over the past year, we have discussed Covid and it’s interaction with racial equity, disaster recovery, and building resilient communities. Who better to talk about these themes than Dr. Atiya Martin, the CEO of All Aces. So we went on a field trip.

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