What can a robust data system look like?

Are you tired of patching together your outcomes for the sake of another funder’s report? Would you like to get consistent reports on how well your clients are doing? Join us as we share what a robust data collection system looks like.

Accurately Measure Progress

How does your organization measure progress? Today we’re talking about measurement. Measuring for management and measurement for progress. In this episode we delve into a deep discussion on how to measure progress for good, especially in these uncertain times – how it can be used to counter a lot of fear, anxiety, uncertainty and misdirection, and how you hold yourself accountable for supporting everybody in your organization.

The New Workforce with Alicia Modestino

Is there really a shortage of workers? How has the pandemic changed workers’ attitudes to employment? And what does the new workforce look like? How can employers, especially not for profits, adjust?

Let’s talk about Structural care!

One of our most controversial shows was on structural care that was almost a year and a half ago. And it was titled I Am Mad About Self-care. we learned something. Pieta, my co-host, taught us something that day: that self-care is actually an illusion. It puts the burden of taking care of oneself on the individual, and shifts the responsibility away from employers. And as you can imagine, this is not good. So, if you’re mad about self-care, then I would recommend you stay for the next 30 minutes, as we talk about what organizations should be doing to help their employees be better.

Centering Collective Care in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Enrico Manalo

In the last few weeks, we have been talking about different kinds of care, structural care, community care, collective care, and my least favorite self-care. Well, today we’re going to talk about the relationship between some of those types of care and equity. And we’re excited to have with us a guest whose organization centers collective care.

Embedding Structural Care into Your Organization

We have talked about the importance of structural care in organizations. In this episode, we are highlighting actual structural care techniques that you can begin to embed into your organization.  So, if you have been listening to the past few weeks and have been thinking about how to embed structure structural care into your organization, join us for the next 30 minutes. 

Evaluation FAQs

Managing your evaluation plans internally can be complicated. Trying to design the evaluation plan that best represents your work without disrupting the work is crucial and challenging. There are a few questions that clients have asked me over and over. Here, I address some of those frequently asked questions. Why is my funder asking for…

The Future of Work with Lauren Currie

There’s no doubt that the workforce is dramatically different today than it was before the pandemic. Over the next few weeks, we will be exploring some of the changes and what we think it might mean for organizations and employers. This week, we’re exploring how the pandemic shifted opportunities and priorities for one non-profit worker.…

Sustaining your workforce with Laura Perille

So many organizations that offer vital services are low on staff and high on stress. What can we do to support our workers and maintain our programs? What are the long-term solutions? Laura Perille is a leader in the child care industry, one of the fields that’s been hit hard by both the need to…

Managing the Great Resignation with Chanelle Goldson

What is causing this great resignation? What are people looking for? Why are they leaving their jobs? Watch as we tackle this with Chanelle Goldson and the ways on how non-profits manage this.