The role of philanthropy in building the post-2020 future

When we started airing our show this spring, we thought we’d talk about COVID for a few weeks and then run out of material. Instead, we are living through a global pandemic, the largest civil rights movement in our history, and the beginning of a depression. So what now?

Leading productively through disruption

It just hit me recently that the way we are working now is going to be the way we will work for a long time. And a lot of us are finding it hard. 

The long-term financial impact of COVID

COVID-19 has disrupted our programming, disrupted our fundraising plan, and in many cases increased the need for our services. Leaders have been asked to step up in every way imaginable.  Now with the new fiscal year starting for many nonprofits, there remain many financial unknowns.

Building and using effective feedback loops

In a time of uncertainty, building and using feedback loops is more important than ever.

I’m mad about self care: Why self care is a myth

Last week on Coffee Time with Masterminds, Tom King, Executive Director of Massachusetts Children’s Alliance joined us to talk about the idea of self-care.

KPIs are for driving performance: Four questions to ask about your program’s KPI

To evaluate performance, most organizations select one or two KPI(s) — Key Performance Indicator(s) —to focus on. A KPI is the outcome measure that your organization is most focused on. But once you’ve selected your KPI(s), what’s next?

Coffee with masterminds: Planning for the post-COVID future

This past Friday, my good friends and fellow not-for-profit consultants, Cynthia Rojas and Rebecca Tuttle and I met (virtually, of course) to create the first episode of our new, weekly series “Coffee Time with Masterminds”. In this series we will be addressing leadership in mission-based organizations, focusing on best practices in change management, financial sustainability,…

Selecting a Key Performance Indicator

Author’s note: this post borrows from the Results-Based Accountability Framework as well as Trying Hard is Not Good Enough by Mark Friedman.

Data collection in the time of COVID-19

Well, these are unprecedented times. 

girl finishing road race

Predicting the future: How to make a projection or a target

In a previous post, I discussed how to chart imputed, real, and projected data – and I promised to discuss in a future post how to project future data. I keep my promises, so here it is: how to make a projection or target.

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