Anniversary show with Intentionally Act

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Over the past year, we have discussed Covid and it’s interaction with racial equity, disaster recovery, and building resilient communities. Who better to talk about these themes than Dr. Atiya Martin, the CEO of All Aces. So we went on a field trip.

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Feedback series: Learning from reporting to funders

Recently, we have talked about making a strong start to the new year. One of the themes that has come up over and over is collecting data, reflecting on it, and using it. So, for the next few weeks, we will be talking about feedback: in this episode, the humble end of year report. An…

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The first 100 days

The first 100 days of a leader’s tenure are the most important.  Why? Well, the concept has been used for leaders of corporations as well and some nonprofits. If you are a new leader or planning a transition, your first 100 days in a new role, or at a new organization or, hey, even a…

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