Coffee with masterminds: Planning for the post-COVID future

This past Friday, my good friends and fellow not-for-profit consultants, Cynthia Rojas and Rebecca Tuttle and I met (virtually, of course) to create the first episode of our new, weekly series “Coffee Time with Masterminds”. In this series we will be addressing leadership in mission-based organizations, focusing on best practices in change management, financial sustainability, and organizational learning. 

In our first episode, we discussed

  • Leading mission-based programs through times of crisis
  • Maintaining funding while navigating change
  • Documenting learning and innovation


Our next episode will be this Friday at 10:30. I hope you can join us live. You can participate in my Facebook group here or on my Facebook page here.








Pieta Blakely

About Pieta Blakely

I help mission-based organizations measure their impact so that they can do what they do well. I started my nonprofit career as a teacher in workforce development and adult basic education. It was important work and I was worried that we didn’t really know if we were doing it well. In the process of trying to answer that question, I got a Masters in Education and a PhD in Social Policy, and became an evaluator.

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